Five Things to Remember…

Five Things to Remember…


Professional biblical storyteller Tracy Radosevic’s online workshop:
“Five Things to Remember When Telling Biblical Stories”


to WATCH or NOT to watch

Last week Tracy Radosevic, professional biblical storyteller, professor, and Dean of the Academy for Biblical Storytelling, gave a fantastic live online biblical storytelling workshop. It is FULL of great stuff–you’ll probably want to watch it more than once! During the Q&A time at the end, someone asked Tracy if it is better when learning a biblical story to watch someone else do it first. Tracy said that most of the time it is best to NOT watch. I AGREE. If I watch someone else tell the story–it is hard to get it out of my head. (For the same reason, I do not read other people’s sermons before trying to write my own!)

Especially when I was first learning stories, if I saw someone tell the story I was learning I could not get their telling choices out of my head!!! Part of learning a story by heart is learning it for yourself–finding how it reaches YOU. It is hard to do this when someone else’s telling is in front of you. If you are a beginner adult teller and want to learn biblical stories, perhaps avoiding a video of story you’re learning would be the best option. You can just skip the video and move right onto the activities!

So WHY do I put up videos of the stories I’m hoping people will learn?

1) I want people to have access to biblical stories being told. Even if you never learn to tell them yourselves, you have at least had an experience of it being told. I love pairing biblical and personal storytelling. If you watch the biblical story and then tell your own stories, something very special has happened…something formational.

2) This blog is for people of all ages. A video telling can be a great starting point for group/family discussion.

3) It is my hope that in having many people tell the stories of God on this blog, you will see that there are many types of tellers. Perhaps it will make it easier to find your own voice.

4) I just LOVE watching other people tell stories.

These are just a few reasons. Tracy’s observation does have me thinking of some fun ways to approach video story-learning on the blog–stay tuned! I am hopeful that over time enough stories will be told here that even if you don’t want to watch the story you’re learning, you’ll be able to watched stories that are connected to yours (i.e., if you’re working on the story of the transfiguration, you might be able to watch a story about Moses or Elijah as you prepare).

I am excited about the possibilities…and grateful for Tracy’s wisdom and encouragement over the last few years as I’ve learned to tell the stories of God! (Check out Tracy here!)


This Wednesday, February 19, 3p.m. EST–check out the next installment of the #biblestoriesrock workshops–Things to AVOID When Telling Biblical StoriesJason Chesnut and I will be your workshop leaders!

To view on Google+ (you can ask questions at the end!!!) click here:

To view on youtube (you can watch, but won’t be able to participate w/ questions)

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