Can these stories live?

Can these stories live?


Ezekiel 37:1-14
as told by David Aland

that ALL should TELL

Dave is a member of the congregation I serve. As you can see, he is awesome. This Lent, we have had storytellers in worship each Sunday–and none of them have been me! It has been awesome to watch others tell. They all bring their own talents and voices, which adds so much to our worship experience. It is incredibly important to engage OTHERS in the telling of biblical stories. It benefits the whole church. (I am hoping to get to record the other congregants who’ve told soon!)

The story itself is a beautiful but strange one. Dave was trying to tell it in a way that captured the text’s mystery, but didn’t sound ridiculous. (As far as I’m concerned he succeeded in every way.) But when he first approached the text, he could not help but want to go to crazy-prophet-mode. So in his preparation, he went ahead and entertained his family by telling it in his crazy-prophet-voice so that he could get it out of his system. He is right on the mark–when you are preparing to tell a story–try out lots of different ways of telling. Sometimes it will help you overcome blocks. Sometimes it will lead you to unexpected truths. Who knows what truths you will uncover along the way….


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