Burning with the Story

Burning with the Story

The Story of Pentecost

as told by Elizabeth Adkisson

I love Elizabeth’s telling of this story–her gestures and expressions are AMAZING!

And…congratulations to all those who participated in the #storyonfire story learning experience. This is just the beginning of what I hope to do with Faith and Wonder! I would LOVE to hear what stories/topics YOU would like covered!




2 thoughts on “Burning with the Story

  1. Casey: THANK YOU FOR THIS GIFT. A friend posted your Story on Fire and though I didn’t see it until Friday (and I preached today), the 4 videos I watched made a difference! I had a completely different passion as I preached and helped them visualize the scene because MY eyes and ears were more aware of the ASTONISHED and BEWILDERED -ness of the text. I could FEEL it as the wind was rushing in and that was conveyed. We have two services (contemporary and tradition) and I had several folks attend both services to hear the sermon again. From a more casual setting to an elevated pulpit with a robe, it usually is two different deliveries, but these were more powerful and passionate than I may have ever preached. I am hoping to attend the West Coast sessions in August. You are a gift and I love this doorway to God’s word. Perfect timing, sister. God bless you for following the call. 🙂
    Erin Thomas
    Riverside, CA

    1. Hurray! Thanks so much for letting me know. Biblical storytelling has entirely changed the way I encounter scripture, and subsequently it has changed my preaching at every step. Sounds like it was an amazing and Spirit-filled day! I hope you can go to the West Coast session in August…the Network of Biblical Storytellers is incredible!
      This is such a great report–may have to share some of it on Facebook, if that’s okay!

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