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Ten Reasons for Storytelling the Bible in Worship

Thanks to Tim Coombs for this list! He is an awesome storyteller–biblical and otherwise. He does “A Christmas Carol” by himself!!! Check out his website:

The wait is over…almost.

It’s been a bit quiet on the blog as of late, but I am excited to report that the wait is over…almost. I am busy working on a new installment of video-learning/telling experiences centered around¬†the birth narrative from Luke 1-2…or, as my friend Becca Messman calls them, stories that’ll make your baby-bump jump.* ¬†**

Looking for a way to engage yourself, your family, or your congregation during Advent?
Always wanted to learn the Christmas story by heart?

This 4-week experience is for you!

There will be a number of ways to engage, so stay tuned….

Advent Storytelling

*Actual baby-bump-jumping story can be found HERE.
**Actual baby-bump not necessary for engaging in this Advent series.