Faith and Wonder–THE PODCAST! Episode 1

Faith and Wonder–THE PODCAST! Episode 1

A Preview of What’s to Come!

I submit to you my first attempt at podcast storytelling–also to be released on iTunes in not too many days (hopefully). Part of Advent on Faith and Wonder will feature storytelling podcasts based on the stories of the Jesse Tree (with some adjustments). I am so excited for this new chapter. This particular story was chosen to accompany the retreat I am co-leading at Montreat not too long from now.

So…without further ado…

Episode 1: Rivalry and Reconciliation




2 thoughts on “Faith and Wonder–THE PODCAST! Episode 1

  1. Casey,

    You’re SO Krista Tippett!! Seriously, it was very professional sounding. Good for you!

    One thing that got my attention (once in your intro and once in the actual telling) is the statement about Jacob’s 11 children. Actually, by the time of this story, Dinah had been born so he actually had 12 children. I realize the text (MADDENINGLY!) says 11; that’s one of those cases where I’d encourage you to “massage the text” (as Dennis would say) and either say, “12 children” or “11 sons … and 1 daughter [wink]” — because to leave Dinah out of such a critical FAMILY narrative (i.e. Jacob fears for the lives of his family and takes precautions to save them) is not only odd but downright wrong (IMHO)!

    Keep up the great work!


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