Our CHRISTMAS Story Part 1

Our CHRISTMAS Story Part 1

Our Christmas Story

Over the next few days, we will explore ways to learn to tell Luke 2 (the birth narrative) TOGETHER! Though these activities are meant to be intergenerational, some activities may require reading, in which case I will note possible alternatives for non-readers. In addition, though I provide a translation based on the NRSV and CEB, for the younger set, you may want to find a good children’s version and learn it by heart–the introduction to Luke 2 might present a particular challenge. That being said–never underestimate your kids–they tend to AMAZE.


God of our story
Be with us
As we learn and share
As we listen and tell
As we seek to know you
In this story
And to be known by you
As we tell it


a walk down MEMORY lane…

1. TEST YOUR MEMORY: The story of Jesus’ birth is perhaps the most well-known story from the Bible. Before you begin to learn it by heart, see what you can remember. Without looking up the text, jot down all the parts of the story that you can recall. If you are working in a group/family, have someone keep notes for the group as you remember the story together. Jog your memory by asking yourself: Who? What? When? Why? Where? How? 

2. ORDER THE STORY: Now that you’ve got the basics down, print and cut out (along perforated lines) the actual birth story (see below). Once you’ve cut out the story into parts, mix them up…then see if you can piece the story together in the correct order. You can work in groups/pairs/individually–just make sure you have enough copies. For non-readers, proficient readers can read the parts of the story to help non-readers rearrange.


Read it ALOUD…and WALK

1. PICK AND PRINT your translation–make sure each reader has a copy (if you are working with young children, you may want to locate a children’s version of the story, create one yourself, or consider learning only a part of the story this year)

Below is my formatted-for-storytelling version of Luke 2 (Note: these are two different files due to formatting issues)

Luke 2 1_20 Name Epidsodes PAGE ONE Luke 2 1_20 Name Epidsodes PAGE TWO












2. READ ALOUD: Loudly and while moving (as able), read the story out loud twice. Notice what you notice as you read and move. Don’t worry about what other people are doing!

For younger set: Get out your nativity set! While adult reads aloud (2x), kids enact the story with their nativity set. Following the reenactment, kids should try to retell the story in their own words. Don’t have a nativity set? No problem! Make a paper one! Here is a printable–though a quick Google search will bring you to many different kinds.

3. LOOK IT UP! Are there words or phrases that are causing you to stumble? Look them up! I will have some more helpful background hints in a later post, but, to get you started, below is some pronunciation help for that pesky name “Quirinius”…

Our Story, God’s STORY

TELL A STORY of a significant birth/adoption in your life.

What do you remember? Who was there (or wasn’t)? Where were you? When did it happen? How did it come to pass? Did you sense God’s presence at that time? Do you now?

Parents or grandparents, this is a great time to tell your children/grandchildren the story of their birth/adoption!


STAY TUNED for the next “Our CHRISTMAS Story” Post!


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