Learn the Pentecost Story by Heart with #StoryonFire

Learn the Pentecost Story by Heart with #StoryonFire

The #StoryonFire Challenge

Join others in learning the Pentecost story by heart! The #storyonfire series offers a step-by-step tutorial for learning Acts 2 for Pentecost. The best way to keep up will be via Facebook or Twitter. Follow @FaithandWonder on Twitter and use the hashtag #storyonfire to share your thoughts along the way. Sessions are short (1-5 minutes) and you can certainly choose to do more than one in a day.

Whether your goal is to tell the story at home, to a friend, or in worship–join us!!! Story-learning in groups can be quite a powerful tool.

For families/teachers wanting to learn the text with children, I would recommend trying to learn only Acts 2:1-4.

RESOURCES Mentioned Along the Way!

Day 1: Story and Pronunciations

Print this out: Acts 2 NRSV and read it aloud!

And here is a video with pronunciation help!

You can also look up the pronunciations at this site:  http://netministries.org/Bbasics/bwords.htm

Day 3: Map It

The way I read the story, the narrator is clearly amazed that all these people from all these places are gathered together. For an idea of how far they’d come, check out this MAP.


Day 9: Spin the Wheel!


Spin the wheel (just click the image above) and read the final part of the story according to the indicated feeling. (Repeat!)

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