Don’t you even care?!?!

Don’t you even care?!?!

Learning Mark 4 BY HEART

Today we’ll use three steps to work toward learning Mark 4:35-41 by heart. These three steps can be done by almost every age. If you have non-readers, have them repeat the story out-loud after you when reading is required.

Step 1: Read-Aloud

Click on the text from Mark to see a PDF version of the story formatted for storytelling. Read aloud, walking around (if able). Do this three times. (For those wanting to, you may use the “episode” spaces to name each section–use these names later to jog your memory as you try to tell the story by heart.)

Mark 4 35_41

Step 2: Read with Pictures

Play this video, reading aloud the lines on each image at least two times.


Step 3: Dropping the Script

Tell the story using this video–which has the images from the previous video, but no words.
How much were you able to remember?

Hear the story on Story Divine!

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