Faith and Wonder seeks to encourage all people
to tell the stories of God by heart!

How is this blog meant to be used? 

In whatever way is helpful! Tellings are posted fairly regularly. Each is accompanied by story prompts, bits of helpful information, and other simple activities to get you engaged with the story. My hope is that people will use the blog to engage in their own personal and biblical storytelling.

Is this blog just for people with kids?

Biblical storytelling and wondering is for ALL of God’s children–young and less young! Though I believe this blog will certainly be useful for at-home faith experiences, I hope it will be used by EVERYONE. Check out my page on story-learning for adult tellers. (I personally still utilize some of the more kid-friendly options…so don’t shy away from doing both.) For ideas on how to engage stories, be sure to scroll through old posts!

What translation do you use?

I tend to begin with the New Revised Standard Version, but I generally consult multiple translations and make adjustments accordingly. When I have guest storytellers, they use the translations they have chosen on their own. For those with small children, you can always pair the hearing of the story with a good children’s Bible telling. There are also contemporary translations out there that may aide in your understanding (Common English Bible, Contemporary English Version, The Voice, The Message). Most of the translations can be found on Bible Gateway.

Who are you?
I am a Presbyterian pastor and Master Biblical Storyteller serving in Northern Virginia. I believe strongly that a return to the oral tradition of sharing the stories of God is essential for the formation of disciples now and in the future. Through this blog and my podcast, Story Divine, I hope to encourage all to learn and tell the stories of God. I am a Presbyterian pastor, and a biblical storyteller, among other things. My great hope is to connect God’s stories with our stories in a way that is both accessible and meaningful. I am a full-time pastor at a wonderful church in northern Virginia, where biblical storytelling has helped shape my ministry over the last few years. When time allows, I perform biblical stories and lead workshops in various settings including churches, seminaries, and national conferences. I am a biblical storyteller–but my great hope is that YOU will be one, too. Welcome to Faith and Wonder.

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