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Day 11 & Update on Jesse Tree!

Due to illness, “Tales from the Jesse Tree” will be on brief hiatus for the next few days as I try to get my voice in working condition!

Christmas by Heart is almost complete!!! Thanks to Ann Timmons for her wisdom for Day 11.

Christmas by Heart: Day 10

Almost there! Last two videos will be released Monday and Tuesday. Have a great weekend!


Day 10

Christmas by Heart: Day 9

Christmas by Heart: Day 8

Thanks to Mark Davis for his wisdom! Check out his blog: leftbehindandlovingit.blogspot.com to read even more of his thoughtful exegetical work!

Day 8

Christmas by Heart: Day 7

Here you go!!!

Day 7

Christmas by Heart: Day 6

Thanks again to my friend and speaking coach, Ann Timmons–she rocks!


Christmas by Heart: Day 5

Before we get to the video:
A Quick Podcast Update

Experiencing technical difficulties–the latest podcast of “Tales from the Jesse Tree” (Episode 5) will not be up until Sunday or Monday. Until then, your story assignment is this: What is your favorite biblical story? Look it up and read it–out loud. Then consider the ways you see God in the story–and the ways you find yourself in the story.

Day 5

(Day 6 will not be released until Monday…have a great weekend!)

Christmas by Heart: Day 4



Advent & Christmas at Faith and Wonder: DETAILS!

Advent Storytelling

A Summary of What’s to Come…

There is much to choose from this Advent at Faith and Wonder–check out the offerings below and to see how you, your family, or your church might engage with the stories of God this Advent and Christmas!

Tales from the Jesse Tree: An Advent Podcast Series (Begins December 1st)

Stories from the Jesse Tree (1)**5 days a week of audio storytelling beginning December 1st
**Features stories from the Jesse Tree–including some traditionally left off the branches (ehem…the women’s stories)
**Each episode will include a personal storytelling prompt
**A terrific Advent practice (Episodes will generally be less than 10 minutes in length…as for your own stories…take your time!)


I am hoping to have it up on iTunes…still awaiting some technical changes to make that happen!







THE NUT SHOP (1)Christmas By Heart: 12 Days of Story-Learning (Begins Dec 1st)

This video story-learning workshop is aimed at learning Luke 2:1-20 and includes:

**”Tips for Telling” with Communications Coach Ann Timmons
**”Behind the Scenes” with the Rev. Dr. D. Mark Davis
**Basic storytelling activities for learning Luke 2 by heart

Though Luke 2 is one of the most familiar stories in scripture, working towards telling it by heart will no doubt reignite your understanding and connection with the story!



Our Christmas Story Our Christmas Story: Story Learning Activities for All Ages
(Release Date: November 17)

**Activities for individuals, families, or church groups to facilitate learning the birth story
from Luke 2.
**Pick and choose from various experiences to cater to yourself/family/group
**Make plans to tell the Christmas story for/with loved ones on Christmas morning!!!