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Conference Resources!

Conference Resources!

I had the great privilege of attending and providing leadership for two conferences over the last two weeks: the Festival Gathering of the Network of Biblical Storytellers and the Go Disciple Live conference on discipleship and evangelism. You can read more about my talk at the GDL conference here. I used a few resources over those days, and as promised, I am sharing them here. VIDEOS   other RESOURCES “To God, before whom I fall” was written and read by the amazing…

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Episode 15: The Vine Abides

Episode 15: The Vine Abides is experiencing technical difficulties–so enjoy this week’s podcast here! Easter 5B Casey FitzGerald tells John 15:1-11 Find the video story (along with storytelling ideas for all ages) from Acts 8:26-40 at Faith and Wonder (or just scroll down!) Come to the Festival Gathering of the Network of Biblical Storytellers this August! Find Jason Chesnut of The Slate Project HERE Tracy Radosevic, Storyteller, Dean of the Academy for Biblical Storytelling