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The Resurrection Story: as seen and told by women


Matthew 28: 1-10, 16-20
as told by “ByHeart”–Shelley Gnade and Mary-beth Howard (beginning at 2:30)
with opening commentary by Dr. Tom Boomershine
a video produced by The Seed Company in conjunction with the Network of Biblical Storytellers

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telling TOGETHER

Shelley and Mary-beth are an incredible storytelling duo based out of Delaware. They are amazing. I am always inspired by what happens when the story is told by more than one person.  I had my first experience of actually doing it at the NEXT Church conference–Jeff Krehbiel and I told a story together. My initial preparations were done alone. When Jeff and I got together to practice, I was amazed by the new things I saw/experienced in the text because of the space that was made present in telling it together.

For all ages: Try telling this story (or another) with a partner! Read the story aloud a few times, and begin by remembering it TOGETHER (in your own words).

For the younger set: Grown ups and kids tell together. For the folks with really young children–start simple–read the story aloud and give them a cue when it’s time to say “DO NOT BE AFRAID!”

Here is the story broken up for telling (CEB):  Matthew 28: 1-10, 16-20.


The Gospel According to Facebook?


Jeremiah 29:4-14a
as told by 22 humans in 16 cities from 6 denominations through 1 world wide web


a video created for the NEXT Church Conference

This video took forever to edit, but it was a gift to make. I love watching this mix of people–some of whom I know very well, others of whom I’ve only met once or twice. I love the idea of these different folks telling the story together–each from their own homes–and how that connects to the story itself. May we all seek the welfare of the cities in which we live.

Thanks to all who took the time to participate!


I am more and more inspired by what we can do via social media. I had more volunteers (via Facebook) than I needed…stay tuned for more. If you or your church want to be a part of a digital story project comment below or find me on twitter @caseyfitzgerald.


I have been doing some different story stuff (mostly digital) during Lent. Be sure to check out earlier posts if you are interested in learning more about non-digital storytelling. Thanks for checking Faith and Wonder out!